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Gardening in a cold climate means that you will have to factor in colder temperatures and a relatively short growing season. Even you, so you can still have wonderful success growing flowers, fruits, vegetables, and so much more.

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Learn to Garden

A Beginner’s Guide to Gardening in Cold Climates is designed to help beginning gardeners successfully grow flowers, vegetables, and other plants. Whether you’ve just bought your first house, are ready to grow your own food, or are looking for a healthy new hobby, this course will cover the fundamentals that you need to grow healthy and vibrant plants.

The Beginner’s Guide is Just $10 for a Limited Time!!

If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own food, raise beautiful flowers, or make the front of your house look like the “after” photo of an HGTV episode, you’ll love this online course!

Designed specifically for newbie gardeners, the Beginner’s Guide to Gardening in Cold Climates provides hours of content to provide you with all the essentials to have a successful garden. Nearly two hours of content will help you learn:

  • Your individual garden style, and what type of garden will work best for you.
  • How to work with the cold climate where you live.
  • Which plants are the easy to grow and will get you fast results.
  • When to plant seeds for the best chance of success.
  • How to improve your garden soils to optimize plant growth.

Purchase the course on Udemy, the world’s #1 platform for online learning. The course includes 14 recorded lectures, garden planning worksheets, and additional resources to get you started quickly and efficiently.

Use the code FEB-18 at checkout to get the full course ($30 value) for just $10.



Hi! I’m Maria and I’m genuinely happy that you are taking time to look around this site. Thank you!

If you knew me when I was 10 years old, you probably never would have imagined that I would turn into a gardener. I was a lazy, chubby kid who loved to watch TV. I enjoyed the outdoors, but my family didn’t have a garden. It was almost impossible to get me to eat a vegetable — I would select junk food over home cooking whenever I had the chance (ew!).

Everything changed when I got my first job working at a farm market when I was 14. It was there that I learned the different types of fruits and vegetables. I don’t think I even knew what a zucchini was when I first started, and I had to learn different types of potatoes, beans, and squash. I also learned the basics of preparing them — really basic stuff like how to peel a clove of garlic. I love the work, loved the vegetables, and loved working outside. I worked at the farm market and doing landscaping until college, and then went to school for forestry and plant science.

By day, I work professionally gathering up the latest science and making it easier for people to use. Outside of work, I spend as much time as possible outside (usually in the garden, in the woods, or on my bike) and also write when I’m feeling inspired. I’m a Master Gardener volunteer, and one of my volunteer projects is developing demonstration gardens at a local nature retreat.

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